Adidas D Lillard 2 – First Look

Adidas D Lillard 2 – First Look

The D Lillard 2 was a pretty cool shoe but it lacked creativity and technology. Adidas got the message and totally reinvented the shoe for its second rendition.

The first thing you notice about the shoe, or at least the first thing I noticed was the heel cup which will offer more lockdown and a better fit which was a bit of a problem with the first model. It will also receive heel boost which is always a plus adding a little extra spring in every step and some extra impact cushioning. Traction looks strong as usual with most adidas models. The upper seems to be a bootie fit which can be wonderful or terrible but the materials look really nice and the overall shape of the shoe is pleasing to the eyes.

There is no release information on these but as more information and pictures start to pop up on the internet we will keep you informed. Let us know your thoughts and if you like the direction adidas is going with the D Lillard 2!