Adidas Rubio Signature Shoe ???

Adidas Rubio Signature Shoe ???

Adidas is on top of their basketball game right now and they’re looking to continue their success with the upcoming basketball season. One of their NBA players (Ricky Rubio) could be recieving his own signature shoe. It’s listed as a PE but we’ve yet to see any adidas model like this which makes me wonder if there could be a Rubio signature shoe on the way.

Whether it’s a PE or a signature model its not a half bad looking shoe. The cut on the shoe collar is intestering and a little off-kilter which is kinda cool IMO. It features the same heel cup seen in the Crazylight Boost 2015 and has Boost in the heel as well. The upper seems to be a two piece mesh upper with a silver fuse connecting the two pieces. RUBIO is seen across the tongue and the shoe is dressed in Timberwolf blue and black.

There is very limited information on these right now but if you stay tuned to we’ll keep you updated! Let us know what you think of this shoe and if you like the idea of Adidas giving Rubio his own shoe.

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