Air Jordan 4 Custom  – JRDN4 x PS4 20th Anniversary

Air Jordan 4 Custom – JRDN4 x PS4 20th Anniversary

For those who wanna look fresh whilst gaming customizer Jonny Barry has crafted these sweet Playstation custom kicks. If your all for team Xbox it looks like you’re going to have to ride the bench for these. With only 10 pairs made these custom Air Jordan 4’s are truly amazing.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate an anniversary than with sneakers. These particular pair are pretty basic but feature some really neat details. The upper  of the shoe is comprised of different shades and hues of grey and off-whites. A sweet tongue tag reads 20th Anniversary and tells the shoe number (in this case #2) and is a nice metallic gold. The jumpman logo on the heel is swapped for the PS4 and playstation logo which are neatly later detailed. The final touch is added with HDMI outlets for special Jordan cords that may or may not serve an actual purpose.

With only ten of these being made one can assume it’ll be very difficult getting your hands on a pair. Let us know if you would cop if these released as a GR and your thoughts on the custom job. Stay tuned to for your daily sneaker scoop and until next time, have a good one!
air-jordan-4-playstation-20th-anniversary-custom-by-freaker-sneaks-1 air-jordan-4-playstation-20th-anniversary-custom-by-freaker-sneaks-2 air-jordan-4-playstation-20th-anniversary-custom-by-freaker-sneaks-3